Contraction Logo Design Tutorial- Adobe Illustrator

Contraction  Logo Design

Introduction : Hello Friends, I am share a Contraction logo design here. This design make in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn Illustrator tools, logo design, logo concept etc.

What type element i am use here you can know by watching that video below. It's a simple way to design a professional logo. 
First create a new page 1080 px to 720 px or as your wish. Then use text tool and write "U" . Then use pen tool for make some home type shape. Then use rectangle tool for make home windows. Then you can choice and change logo color you like. Now write your logo name with company tagline or slogan. The last step is mockup. You can get mockup file below in red text.


Hope everyone understand that perfectly. If you need any information about graphic design. Please feel free  to contact with me.

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