Google Home Mini Price in Bangladesh

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that has artificial inelegance built-in. You can enjoy a variety of features from the Google Home Mini. It comes with three different colors, White Chalk, Coral and Charcoal .

Features of Google Home Mini:

  • Made by Google
  • Color: Black & white
  • Port: USB
  • Number of speaker : one
  • Weight: 250gm
  • Connectivity : wireless 
  • shape: Round
  • Nominal Output: Almost 20 watt 
Product Link:

Some work features:
  • A powerful little helper
  • Get Answers from google
  • Manage your day
  • Control your smart home
  • Play music
  • Your voice
  • Your info
  • Need any info from google
  • Do fun for your family and friends.
That is Google Home Mini Some activity.

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