Duplex house design

Hello everyone, Today I am share a Duplex house design plan. 

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Now I am explain about this house plan.

Total land needed 516 square ft.

House Height: 43' ft only

House width: 12' ft only

Ground floor plan below:

Parking area: 7'-0" x 14'-0"

Side of parking have stear. Also a bathroom under stear. It's a common bathroom.

Then have a Drawing room:
10'-6" x 11'-0"

Have a bed room in ground floor:

10'-6" x 11'-0"

Have a attach bathroom in ground floor:

6'-6" x 3'-9"

Now First floor plan below:

A bed room: 10'-6" x 9'-6"

Kitchen size: 7'-3" x 6'-3"

A bed room size: 10'-6" x 12'-0"

A attach bathroom: 6'-6" x 4'-6"

First floor have a balcony with a bed room.

Please follow the plan for perfectly understand.

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