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Hello everyone, Today I am share a new 3bhk house plan design. It's a beautiful low cost house plan design. In this house plan have 2 flat. One flat have one bed room, kitchen and attach bathroom.
Another flat have two bedroom, kitchen, common bathroom, balcony, drawing and dining room together.

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I am explain every details about this house plan in this post. First I am share with everyone it's a low cost house design plan. 

This house plan total size is 1024 square ft. (It's funny to say it's meaning gigabyte-hahaha)

The house plan width is 25'-3".

The house plan height is 40'-5".

It's a ground floor house plan. But anyone by follow this plan make first floor, second floor or another floor.

Now I am explain measurement details below:

First flat is entry gate left side, look image for perfectly understand every details.

First flat bed room size is 12' x 12'.
First flat kitchen size 4' x 12'
First flat attach bathroom size is 7' x 4'.

Now I am explain about 2nd flat from this house plan.

Two bed room size is below:
 12' x 12'
12' x 12'

Balcony size is below:
12' x 4'

Common bathroom size is below:
7' x 4'

Kitchen size is below:
7' x 6'

Drawing & Dining room size below:
16' x 11'

In this house plan have a stair for go to trais. Also if make first floor or another floor then can use this stair.

I hope everyone like this house plan.

If any question about this house plan or anything please contact with me via my Facebook page.

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Thanks. Have a good day.

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