2bhk small house plan design

Hello everyone, Today I am sharing a new small 2bhk house plan design. Its a small modern house plan. Any small family follows this plan for make a house in a small land. 

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Its a 435.6 square ft house plan design. Its a ground floor house plan design for a small family. Need small land to make this house.

This plan has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and also a small hall for a use dining area or living area(As your choice).

The total house plan size is 435.6 square ft ( 1 Shotok Properly in bd detail).

The house plan length is 36'-3"
The house plan width is 12"

Bedrooms size is below:

11' x 10'
11' x 10'

Kitchen size is below:

6' x 5'

Bathroom size is below:

6' x 5'

Balcony size is below:

11' x 4'

I hope many people live this house plan.

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Max Skill IT

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