2bhk modern house plan design

Hello everyone, Today I am sharing a new modern house plan design. It's a 2bhk house plan design. I mean in this plan have 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, etc. Anyone can follow this plan and make a nice house. It was my client's work. He gives me nice feedback. You can check my feedback by clicking the link below(click here).   

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How is the design? 

I hope everyone likes this design. Now I am sharing every detail about this house plan.

My buyer hires me from Fiverr to make a 2d house plan design. He tells me to make a house plan in 100 square meters. He recommended making 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and dinging together, drawing, one bathroom.

So  I make this plan. And, he loves it very much. 

2 bedrooms size is below:

12' x 12'
12' x 12'

Drawing room size is below:

12' x 16'

The dining area size is below:

12' x 8'

Kitchen size is below:

8' x 6'

Bathroom size is below:

8' x 6'

Balcony size is below:

4' x 6'

This house plan total size is 820 square ft.
or 76 square meters.

This house plan length is 32' ft.

This house plan width is 25'-6" ft.

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