3bhk simple house plan design

 Hello everyone, Today I am sharing a new ground floor 3bhk simple house plan design. Anyone can follow this 2d plan to make a dream house. Anyone can make a low-cost house by following this plan.

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The total house plan size of this design is 957 square ft.

This house plan length is 29 ft.

This house plan width is 33 ft.

This house plan has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Drawing room, living area, parking area, etc.

3 bedrooms size is below:

12' x 12'
12' x 12'
12' x 10'

Drawing room size is below:

12' x 10'

Bathrooms size is below:

7' x 6'
6' x 5'

Kitchen size is below:

7' x 5'

Also, have a living area.

I hope everyone likes this house plan design.

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  1. I have a 50" 22feet plot i want to build on it three self contained rental rooms can you help me and sketch a plan


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